What Factors Influenced You to Choose Nursing?

The choice someone makes regarding a career is influenced by a variety of elements, such as the reputation of the field, personal goals for the future, and the possibility of long-term success. This choice holds great significance for the nursing profession. Furthermore, nursing offers multiple possibilities for entry-level nursing specialties, work environments, and career growth. However, to make a promising career in nursing, students have to perform well in their academics. This is where they look for online nursing assignment help to maintain their GPA and credits.

RNs, or registered nurses, are in high demand. According to BLS projections, the growth rate of registered nurses (RNs) will exceed the national average between 2022 and 2032. According to the Journal of Nursing Regulation, new RN positions will become available when an estimated third of nurses over the age of 55 retire. Besides this, there are a lot of perks and advantages that nursing offers which influence the choice of students for choosing nursing as a career. Below we have mentioned the top factors that compel students to make a career in nursing.

  1. Job Security

Nursing is one of the health professions that many believe is unaffected by recession. Put another way, even during recessions, these jobs will remain in demand and provide long-term job and income security. According to ZipRecruiter, nursing was one of the industries with the strongest growth rates throughout the recessions of 2011 and 2017–2019. Nurses were among the ten most financially secure professions in 2021. Approximately 75% of nurses stated that their pay remained unchanged between March 2020 and March 2021, demonstrating how quickly the nursing profession has recovered from the early stages of the epidemic when many nurses worked in elective professions and were laid off.

  1. Excessive Satisfaction with Job

According to the 2019 American Mobile Nurses (AMN) Healthcare study, 81% of nurses were satisfied or very happy with their choice of profession. Of those asked if they would recommend becoming nurses to others, 70% replied “yes.” Nurses who are responsible for providing patient care exhibit varying levels of satisfaction depending on their field of specialization. Psychiatric or mental health nurses report the lowest level of satisfaction (83.9%) among their peers, while RNs specializing in obstetrics report the highest level of happiness (95.5%). Almost every nurse is satisfied with the work they do and takes great pride in pursuing the profession.

  1. Adaptable Work Schedules

Don’t worry if you are not a morning person or if your ideal workday is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an office! You can customize your nursing schedule to suit your tastes and way of life. Nurses are on duty around-the-clock in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living communities, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. Those who are night owls in the nursing profession can work night shifts. If you are not much of an early riser or a night owl, you can work nighttime hours. You can work shifts of eight, ten, or twelve hours. If you would like, you can even work on the weekends as well.

  1. Prospects for Financial Support

Student loan debt can be overwhelming. School loan repayment might take up to ten years, even with payback plans. Fortunately, there are numerous options for nursing students to finance their education. Grants and scholarships for nurses from different organizations are some ways to lower overall debt. Students aiming for an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or even doctorate can apply for financial aid. ADN or BSN tuition reimbursement schemes are also provided by numerous hospitals to workers who choose to return to school. You don’t have to take out a large debt to finance your study at nursing school.

  1. Individual Development

The personal development required to become a nurse is significantly impacted by a few inherent variables. Numerous nurses who excel in their careers connect their sense of accomplishment, enthusiasm, and profound purpose to their work. Those who attempt nursing can find job satisfaction because it is challenging to compare these personal progress metrics to other occupations. A strong desire to assist people drives many nurses to choose careers in nursing. It gives them an unexplained sense of fulfillment to know that anything they did helped someone else heal.

  1. Chances for Career Advancement

After receiving an undergraduate degree, nursing students have the option to continue their education. Nurses who wish to pursue an advanced nursing degree have many options. With a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), you could pursue career advancement by earning a degree such as family nurse practitioner, nursing management and supervision, public health, adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner, adult gerontology primary care nurse practitioner, nursing education, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, and so on. You will get a feel of which specialty could most interest you as soon as you begin your nursing career.

  1. Choosing the Target Population

The ability to select the population group you wish to work with is one of the main benefits of choosing a nursing career. The field of pediatrics can be right for you if you think working with kids is what you should do best. Geriatrics can be the right field for you if you believe that working with the elderly might help them. The field of adult health may be right for you if you enjoy giving care to middle-aged individuals. Whatever you might believe, there is a population that requires nurses in their lives. For whatever reason they are going through in life, they require support and kindness.


For 20 out of the previous 21 years, nurses have been ranked as the most trustworthy profession. Aside from the many advantages of a nursing job, one can also take satisfaction in working in a field that is well-acknowledged, valued, and completely trusted. Making the switch to nursing as a profession is never too late. Many people have found great happiness and value in doing so at various stages of their lives.

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